Ejercicio 1.1

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Exercise: Ejercicio 1.1
Start date: 16/12/2008
End date: 17/12/2008
Place: Ría de Arousa
Specifications: Pdf

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Position of drifters

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  1. 12/12/2008
    - . The buoys and Trimble are charged. The Leds are tested.
  2. 15/12/2008
    - . The buoys are marked with telephone and date.
    The buoys are tested. The buoy 3 fails several times. A correct SMS, with the position, is received from the other buoys.
    The buoys 1, 2, 3, will be released with small drogues and buoys 4, 5, 6 with big drogues.

  3. 16/12/2008
    - 09:15. The buoys are released at 8º48.29211’W, 42º 35.8659’ N. Afterwards, the buoy 3 fails so it is picked up.
    - 11:00. The buoys 1 and 2 were picked up by a boat, at 8º49.512’W, 42º 35.70’ N. Afterwards, both were released again at 8º49.633 ’W, 42º 35.309’ N but without drogues, which were stolen.
    - 11:22. The buoy 5 got caught in a raft at 8º49.860 ’W, 42º 35.285’. Then was released again but, after that, was picked up by a fisherman. This buoy was recovery at his house located in "Isla de Arousa".
    - 18:46. The buoy 4 stopped transmit at 8º50.232 ’W, 42º 34.244’ N and was lost.
    - 20:25. The buoy 1 got caught in a raft and stopped transmit at 8º49.750 ’W, 42º 34.966’ N. The next day it was picked up beneath the same raft.
  4. 17/12/2008
    - 02:49. The buoy 6 got caught in a raft. Then, it was sailing a time and got caught in a new raft. At 09:52 it sends the last sms. It was picked up in a raft at 8º50.685 ’W, 42º 33.50’ N .
    - 10:22. The buoy 2 was picked up sailing at 8º54.128 ’W, 42º 29.975’ N